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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ease the Pain of Sitting

How do you approach a chair? Do you tend to snatch it away from the table? Do you throw one leg over the back? Do you sit in one and prop your feet in the other? Well, the way we approach chairs has a direct reflection on how we present ourselves. Others may think poorly of us if we handle ourselves this way which may leave a bad taste in their mouths.
I notice when sit, we tend to have that awkward space between the legs, cross at the knee, or slouch. To be as comfortable as possible, approach the chair by pulling it out easily to take your seat. Try to think about moving with grace and ease to have that look at respect and dignity. This does not mean that you’re trying to be better than others, but it gives you a sense of self to reach your highest potential.
Next, put your back against the seat with your shoulders straight. Sit as far back into as possible while keeping your back straight. Make sure it is a comfortable position since you may have to sit for a while. When your back is in position, put your legs together. Remember to cross at the ankle in front of you.
Sitting still is also a way to show class and style. Moving about every few minutes is distracting to others near you. People go out to have a nice evening and you would not want to spoil it for them moving every few minutes.

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